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Garage Storage Solutions and Systems

Need garage storage solutions? Put a Redback in your garage!

Redback Storage System’s offers convenient Australian designed and owned modular storage solutions for garage storage, sheds, workspaces, business, factories or workshop storage. Redback’s storage units are assembled from a small number of interchangeable heavy duty steel components, comprising of steel shelving or mesh shelving, steel storage cabinets, tool displays (similar to a metal pegboard), steel overhead cabinets, Maxi-drawers to cater for big tools, heavy duty steel Big-As cabinets that have three adjustable shelves, steel four draw units, and work bench tops that come in two lengths in laminated timber, or you can compliment with a galvanized or stainless steel slip on cover. These steel components can be assembled in hundreds of combinations to suit your requirements. It is just so versatile!

Redback’s modular storage units, are free standing and do not need to be bolted to the floor or wall, so are ideally suited, should you need to relocate or change the layout of your garage, work shop, commercial workshop, industrial premises or business storage facilities.

Redback Storage Systems' offers a range of popular pre-designed units, or you can design a storage layout that specifically meets your garage storage, commercial storage, or industrial workshop storage needs, using our Storage Planner and you have the option to submit your design for a free no-obligation quote.

The robust, mobile, modular and free-standing Redback products and storage accessories, offers the flexibility to cater for a broad range of modular garage storage systems, commercial workshop storage solutions and industrial premises storage solutions.
Check out our Gallery for more ideas or Contact Us to discuss your storage needs.

Tired of looking at the mess in your garage, want to reclaim your work area?

Redback Storage System’s has the solution, with our adjustable metal shelves or mesh shelves, Big As storage cabinets, metal tool displays (pegboard), which are available in two lengths, Maxi-Drawer for tool storage, overhead cabinets for power tool storage, four drawer units for small parts storage and work benches with galvanized or stainless slip-on covers, plus, they can all be assembled in hundreds of combinations to suit your requirements. Check out our popular pre-designed units and tidy up your garage or work shop today!.

Reclaim your work area, using a combination of flexible components and storage accessories that can turn unused garage space into a readily accessible organised inventory of your stored items, such as; your power and hand tools, family push bikes, gas bottles, eskies, gardening equipment, camping gear and fishing gear, utilise your work bench again by putting a Redback in your garage!


Ideal for Commercial and Industrial premises

While Redback looks fantastic in the home garage and workshop, these modular heavy duty storage components are designed for commercial and industrial use as well. Redback Storage System’s heavy duty steel shelves or mesh shelves, work bench tops (galvanized or stainless steel sleeves available), tool display boards in two lengths, metal cabinets, steel drawer units, overhead cabinets and Pallet Racking are suitable for both domestic and commercial configurations.
In the work place, Redback’s modular storage components, are secure and safe with lockable drawers, cabinets, and can be configured in any combination to suit a particular industry or business, and with adjustable heights, will suit most work procedures and compliance to operational health & safety measures.

Check out our Gallery for some recent home and business installations and configurations. Our popular pre-designed units can also provide some great ideas for your own specific storage needs.

How does the Redback Storage System work?

The Redback Storage System structure is made-up of welded vertical steel End Frames, which have two rows of slots. These slots are used to connect the horizontal (Support) Beams. Each support beam has welded connectors at each end that lock on to the End Frames and can be positioned at any height increments of 25mm. The support beams come in two lengths (925mm or 1850mm), which determines the length of each bay and are recessed to hold the steel draw units, metal cabinets, steel shelves or mesh shelves, and workbench tops. Each pair of beams are engineered to support an evenly distributed load of up to 150kg for 925mm or 300kg for the 1850mm beams. The steel shelves or mesh shelves sit in the support beams recess, one shelf for 925mm bays or two shelves for an 1850mm bays. Bays can be connected to each other to create a storage system of any length to suit most storage spaces.

Redback Storage Systems' offers a range of popular pre-designed units or you can design a storage layout that specifically meets your garage storage, commercial storage, or industrial workshop storage needs, using our Storage Planner and the option to submit your design for a free no-obligation quote.

Why buy a Redback Storage System?

Buy a true blue Australian brand, Australian designed and owned, top quality, affordable , heavy duty, extendable, secure, free-standing modular steel storage system, which is complimented with a number of storage accessories, such as; L.E.D workshop lighting, magnetic tool holder bars, tool hanging hooks and free standing bike stands.

Redback products enable simple and quick assembly for a DIY project of a garage or workshop storage solution with lockable cabinets and draws for securing such items, as chemicals or power tool storage and finally, this system can grow with your needs and budget over time.

So, make your mates jealous, your competitors envious, by transforming your garage, workshop, factory or commercial premises into a place you want to work in, that makes your storage accessible and adds value to under utilised space, while promoting organisation and professionalism of your premises, and why not, put another Redback in your garage.!

Maximise your storage space and avoid off-site storage costs

Redback products can maximise your storage space both internally and externally to your premises. Avoid contemplating or paying costly ongoing expenses for off-site storage facilities and the time wasted in travelling to/from off-site storage facilities.

The Redback modular storage unit combinations, additional storage accessories and Pallet Racking, provide organised, functional and safe storage of all your items for your garage, shed, factory or workshop.

Your shed, garage, workshop or even your office can be transformed using our popular pre-designed units or designing your own, using our Storage Planner

UNIT 10A with overhead
A quality product built to last
End Frames We provide a 2 year guarantee on all our pre-designed units and steel components. Made from powder-coated steel, Redback components are tough and won’t bow or bend over time. Our adjustable steel shelves are solid steel and are recessed into our beams for stronger support and can hold an evenly-distributed weight of up to 150kg per 925mm shelf and for heavy duty loads our 1850mm shelves can hold an evenly-distributed weight of up to 300kg per shelf. The heavy duty construction of our Redback Storage Systems means that it can be used in industrial, commercial and domestic environments. From household items on free standing steel shelving units and bike storage racks to full workshop or garage fit outs, our flexible steel components are designed to provide a strong and safe construction. Beams

Modular free-standing design - No permanent fixtures- Easy to relocate
Redback Storage systems are a steel modular design, made up of interchangeable components, which means you can create a freestanding storage system to suit your specific needs and floor plan, giving you the flexibility to add or remove storage unit components, as your needs change. You can easily make this system a DIY installation. The sturdy construction of the units means you don’t need to bolt them to floors or walls, so you can mobilse your storage system, if needed.

Try our Storage Planner today to create your dream storage system and feel free to have it quoted, no obligations …

Our investment in secure and safe components
All steel cabinets and steel drawers are lockable, providing you with an effective way to store safely and securely in your garage or shed, your most valuable power tools, gardening equipment and dangerous household chemicals, such as garden pesticides, motor oils and pool cleaning products.

Your long term investment in safe, secure and functional storage is key for any commercial and industrial business.  Redback Storage Systems can provide that security with their range of steel cabinets and steel drawer units.

Affordable, Extendable and Portable

Redback Storage System’s can be tailored to fit most spaces, no matter how big or how small, and the combination of designs can be easily changed as your storage needs change, through a DIY installation or have it installed. Should you need to move premises, its free standing modular construction, makes it a dream to move with no bolts in floors, its all portable. The storage accessories such as; bike racks, magnetic tool holder bars and L.E.D workshop lights can add extra value and compliment your storage needs, you can always add to your storage system later, when your budget allows or just over time.

You're dealing with the original Australian designers and family owned business

Avoid buying inferior replicas or knock offs.
Buy from the ORIGINAL AUSTRALIAN DESIGNERS of this modular storage system.

Redback Storage Systems was the brainchild of a father and son in Bendigo, Australia, Bill and Andrew Harper. With more than thirty years combined experience in the workshop equipment supply business, they identified a strong need for an affordable, extendable, heavy duty, attractive, free-standing quality steel modular storage system, that provides storage solutions for garage storage, commercial storage and industrial storage requirements.

They are continually developing new components and providing high quality storage accessories to compliment their storage unit combinations in response to customers’ feedback and market trends. They invest in the quality of their products and accessories to provide excellence in customer satisfaction and service. See Testimonials

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Redback is available Australia wide through a web of friendly distributors or design your own dream workshop using our Storage Planner and request a free no obligation quote. Redback Storage Systems are on display in permanent display centres in most capital cities and promoted at Home and Trade shows through-out the year. So drop into one of the many Events around Australia, showcasing our products, and let us provide you with expert advice on tailoring a storage solution to meet your needs.

For your nearest distributor phone: 0427434827

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